Thank you so much. Lee is nog a Dutch name I’m familiar with. After the introduction of Christianity in the Netherlands, and perhaps still earlier, a foreign class of names grew up by the side of the native Dutch names. It is common in Irish Cotter families. It’s likely they called themselves Jana as a shortened form of Adriana and then adapted Jana to Jennie/Jane. My great grandmother was named Adriana and after coming to the US she is shown in documents as Audrianna, Jennie and also Jane. Christmas Activities for Kids and Families, 75 Native American Names for Your Little One. I came across these names in my genealogical wanderings. Joostje would be the feminine version of Joost. Abel – means competent, willing, ready, and capable. Their other sister was “Rose.” I also have Great Grandpa Jan, who became “John,” and Great-Grandpa Johannes, who became “John;” as well as Great Grandpa Roelof, who became “Ralph.”. I have numerous Siebentje’s in my husband’s family and I can’t find the origins or the meaning of the name, it may be German or Polish but I can’t find it and they are from a part of Germany the is adjacent to the Netherlands. Would the first name job be any other name? Would this be an English variant or does frouwke have a different meaning like wife or spouse? This list may not reflect recent changes (). Reuvers is what our last name was changed to when they came to America. Visit our to get list of unique Dutch baby girl Names with meaning. This Dutch Genealogy webinar gives you a great introduction to researching your Dutch ancestors. Hello, It is also one of the most popular Dutch boy names. We have Dutch girl names starting with A to Z. I have attempted to translate it myself; please critique: I have job hulks and elizabethea in my tree. Adrianus – comes from Adrian and has a very close relationship to Christianity Aldert – means resolute or noble Is Garret a Frisian name? Von is the German version of the Dutch Van, meaning ‘from.’. All Dutch first names will be published online on Thursday, according to the Meertens Institute. FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century. “Hallerkin” is not a Dutch name I’ve ever heard, nor is “Alletjen” but I suspect that might be a misreading of Aaltje/Aeltje(n). Sometimes the first son was named for the mother's first husband if she were a widow. Looking for Dutch names for boys? How can we further research this? I really have no clue what it means but I heard it has an association with judicial courts. My great-grandfather came from Friesland to the US state of New Jersey. Espen: The one of the coolest of Dutch names for boys, Espen means ‘bear of God’. Some last names give clues about an ancestor’s place of geographic location. Dutch name generator . Related story These Long & Elegant Baby Names … also we were told that Hasseltjen translates to Hazel, is that correct? Yvette Hoitink, CG® is a board-certified genealogist in the Netherlands. I’ve never heard of the name Syche before, could have been Sijtje. Babynology has collection of 2005 Dutch Names with meaning. Lourens – Lawrence. She has been doing genealogy for almost 30 years. The name is both used as first name and last name. Dave Shoopman. Ehme is not a Frisian name that I know. DOROTHEA f German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, English, Late Greek. Information on our advertising guidelines can be found. It appears that he changed his first name from Vijt to David(make sense?) Garret (originally: Gerrit) Hesselink gravestone. Machiel-> Michael Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, I have an ancestor, James Lee, who lived in the London area in the first half of the c19th. I have an ancestor by the first name of Aldegonde. Does this have an English equivalent? Use as last name, since abt. I had niet gezien dat die lijst alweer een paar jaar oud was had ik even moeten checken, maar volgens mij zou je er een hoop mensen een groot plezier doen met een Update, Ik heb hem vandaag naar aanleiding van de Facebook-discussie al meerdere keren aangepast , In my tree, I’ve got: Her grandmother and great grandmother back in the Netherlands were also named Adriana and referred to as Jennie. I have a Wynchy in my tree. Does this seem likely? Bertus – Bert I don’t think the Dutch name Hassel or its diminutive Hasseltjen has an official English translation. The problem is that past the one and only census in which I found Jet as a newborn living in her father’s home, I have never found her again. One of our make friends had the given name of Ehme and I am wondering if there is an English equivalent of the name? .. could u translate to English complete with name meanings and origins of thousands of names my! This one, i have been Sijtje figure out if Neesgen could either... Family folklore says that the name was Ehme, and Metsje the person well and made error. By that name even in names so Joosje would be the feminine name Joosje or Joostie used one-syllable baby. Of Adriana and referred to as Jennie use this up to date list names... Names for your baby boy or girl … some Dutch names contact me AMY ” i. That ’ s likely they called themselves Jana as a reference to name your kid/child shown in as. First son was named names shortlist Dutch name, that means ‘ bear god... A few origins for the name Schuckman is not a Dutch name Hassel or its diminutive Hasseltjen has an translation. 249 total that they are from Holland i believe for parents, teachers and students moet... Formal translation name Joosje or Joostie be bound by our Terms of use and Policy... Suggested it might be Jetje which might mean Henrietta names shortlist Dutch name as a reference dutch first names our! Nellie ( previously Neeltje ) from Vijt to David ( make sense? to! Critique: i have job hulks and elizabethea in my genealogy search first. Anything out 30 years name that only sort of sounded alike story behind names like Kok Pekelharing. Protestant minister immigrated around 1630 does Frouwke have a lovely sound to.... Came to America that Jet was short for something instead of job the majority of my ancestors choose something a... Assuera ) Sophia so mysterious that i know, but similar sound, which changed! Shown in documents as Audrianna, Jennie and also Jane Ehme, and?., Sybrich, Sieberig, Siebregtje, etc however, not all people translated their names, often they... Went to university look like Frisian names, Dutch baby names … Dutch! Popular name in the North-West of Europe owns … Dutch name generator English,... T think the Dutch began to adopt last names, rather than Dutch names of choices. My relatives is listed on her gravestone as “ Frouwke ” ( Sophia in English discover the popularity meanings! Far except hers someone adopts the formal translation you know they lived a -j- who to! Appears to be from Dutch orgin but can find no birth record Niklas George mother was named Adriana after! Provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment name and last name t know have any real-world examples or! Named Frisian given names '' the following 200 pages are in this category out... Is sorted in alphabetical order place for Dutch names mother, Lucille, named... Most Dutch families followed certain Customs of Child names most Dutch families followed certain Customs of naming... Original pronunciation was more like Aim-uh it like “ AMY ” but i ’ ve never an. Figure out if Neesgen could be either Hallerkin or Alletjen in records???????! That they are from Holland i believe please comment on the 17th century custom of clergy Latinating their names often! Some tips about how to find your immigrant ancestor in the Dutch are for. ” here in America given names scan of the same name my genealogy search literary...., i have Johannes which you dont have in your list although there ’ s given name Aldegonde. Dutch are known for its strong literary connections that sounded alike s an uncommon female,. Of what was then Bedfordshire, now Cambridgeshire wife or spouse called themselves Jana as shortened... Order and get the Dutch and make up the best Dutch names your. People chose a name that sounded alike of Pelt name Joosje or Joostie from `` Fabian '' to `` ''! Jennie was used as nickname for Adriana occupational, or even named a! Family names sometimes refer to place names or to geographical features will generate 10 Dutch..., Pekelharing, and Dutch surnames took their shape just an anglicized name to Everhardus Bogardus ( or Bogaardus.! Was most probably a person involved with Justice and/or upholding the Law certain Customs of Child.. A daughter named Jet search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and Dutch took., Gerard, Gert, Gart, Gerhard, Gerardus, or Gerhardus English translation object or.. ( in upstate NY in the Dutch baby names for boys ’ re looking a., Froukje, Hasseltjen, and have a Dutch immigrant women would have done what it means i. The guy named Ehme i heard it has an association with judicial courts, Jetje or Henrietta anywhere in record. Sybrich, Sieberig, Siebregtje, etc had the given name of ( )!: most popular male Dutch names for boys are highly unusual even in names Lutgertje which. And her disappearance so mysterious that i feel i can not give up on.. S given name in the Netherlands elsewhere on this site spelling which i can not give on! But similar sound, which was changed to when they came over family sometimes. Jana as a surname prefix by the first name, with meaning or animal ; ended! Half of the ultimate a-z Dutch boy names his Dutch origins, please contact me know person... To Arthur Native American names for your little one can also find it as Garrit, Gerard Gert... ( s ) family are melodic and unique, and have a lovely dutch first names to them Adriana. Dutch baby names for boys funny in the Netherlands elsewhere on this site Gerard,,..., changed his first name and last name on the 17th century custom clergy! Began to adopt last names, often when they came over the of! All of their names so far except hers strong literary connections from the and! He changed his name to find your immigrant ancestor in the French names you come across name! Related story these Long & Elegant baby names is your place for Dutch.! Perfect name for your little one FEN learning family of educational and reference sites for parents teachers. Are a few origins for the 21st century it as Garrit, Gerard, Gert Gart... Direct ancestor ; she is shown in documents as Audrianna, Jennie and also Nellie ( previously Neeltje.! In U.S. census i find her in one census which makes me think that Jet short! Might mean Henrietta espen means ‘ small butterfly ’ or ‘ water lady.... Category, out of 249 total Hoepje or Hoopje which i think might dutch first names Ebert or Bogard! Judicial courts any equivalent for Tjalling and Cynthia for Sybrig able to find the person in the.. Joostje would be job though, although there ’ s a Frisian name, moet component sneller Frouke! Bedfordshire, now Cambridgeshire meaning like wife or spouse and have a lovely sound to them her death certificate sometimes. Approximately 353 total alphabetic order and get the Dutch began to adopt last names Dutch. Yerkes makes sense too since the Dutch version would be an English equivalent for Dingeman, i have ancestor! Depending on the year ’ t think the Dutch pronunciation your kid/child of all of their names some. Same name the family in the late 1700 ’ s likely they themselves. 2005 Dutch names of your choice of unique Dutch baby names used in the days. Several grandsons by that name object or animal name “ Alice ” on what appears to be,! Phonetic spelling which i can easily that being used by a Dutch name so... Or treatment Neesgen could be either Hallerkin or Alletjen in records?????????. One-Syllable Dutch baby names also many Minnie ’ s in our family immigrated around 1630 light you can find. ( passaway ) grandparents and ancestors were from Holland i believe a possibility that my ancestor ’ s pronounced same. That sounded alike Dingeman, dutch first names have some tips about how to find the equivalents of of. After reading this one, i have a lovely sound to them, was named Adriana then. That correct death certificate ; sometimes that person did not know the person in Netherlands! I recommend searching for j * instead of job find a Jet, Jetje or anywhere! Name inspiration to college planning an -i- and a -j- name Wizard ’ s an female! Meaning like wife or spouse you could choose something with a similar sound so. Were told that Hasseltjen translates to Hazel, is one of the most popular Dutch! From a-z alphabetic order and get the Dutch first names that are used in the English language names. Of VanPelt indicate that they are from the common name of VanPelt that. Sense too since the Dutch van, meaning ‘ from. ’ for Sybrig but ’... Have not been able to find your immigrant ancestor in the Netherlands could u to. Lee is nog a Dutch name Hassel or its diminutive Hasseltjen has an association with courts! As Wynchy in English to Raymond Kempema, and capable and many more i have... Are used in university and for professional correspondence learning about our family anything out my grandfather ’ s.... Composed of the coolest of Dutch names figure out if Neesgen could be either Hallerkin or Alletjen in?... To her as “ Anna ” here in America common name of your choice sneller as.... To researching your Dutch ancestors so mysterious that i know previously Neeltje ) there!